It's all about the rhythm

It's often difficult to write an article. Especially when I want it to be engaging and fun to read, but like most people I'm also stuck in the house because of the pandemic and since nothing much is happening it becomes challenging to find an interesting subject to write about. One off the main things I've noticed about being in an "intelligent lockdown" is that I lost my sense of rhythm. I still work, but instead of going to the office I work from home and I no longer work 9 to 5.

Mother Nature strikes back

Writing can be very difficult sometimes. Really!! I've been trying to write a new post for days now and I just can't seem to get an engaging story going on here. Granted, I'm not a writer, but an IT engineer, so having a "writers block" seems to be a very silly statement to make here. I'm trying to become financially free and I write about miscellaneous things I come across hoping to catch your interest. I've been struggling with writing a new post about Mother Nature supposedly getting back at us humans.

The damage, so far

Today is the 15th of March, meaning it is my 'peildatum', the day I check all the places where I have some money or investments and record them in my spreadsheet. I also make a little graph to make my "progress" visible. I usually like doing this, but this time I dreaded the moment I actually had to look at the numbers and see what damage the corona virus did to my investments. So, far I lost quite a bit on my investments, but not as much as I expected. However, the end is not in sight so I expect more losses in the coming months.