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Rhythm of the drum Vietnam

It's often difficult to write an article. Especially when I want it to be engaging and fun to read, but like most people I'm also stuck in the house because of the pandemic and since nothing much is happening it becomes challenging to find an interesting subject to write about. One off the main things I've noticed about being in an "intelligent lockdown" is that I lost my sense of rhythm. I still work, but instead of going to the office I work from home and I no longer work 9 to 5.

There are about 16 "awake" hours in a day and I can choose to work whenever I want. Thankfully, my work (and my client) allow me to plan my day however I see fit. As long as the work gets done and I give them about 40 hours of my time during the week.

In the first two weeks I struggled a bit, because I lost my daily rhythm. I also got a little bit lazy sometimes and felt less connected with my work responsibilities. This was all due to the immediate change in daily rhythm and it caught me a little off guard. At some point I was even hoping it would end soon and we could all go back to our lives like before the lockdown.

But I was wrong.

Actually, this is precisely what I want. Work whenever I want and from wherever I want. It shouldn't matter in what timezone I'm in and whether I work continuously for 8 hours (like in the office) or spread it out over the day. I found myself working on weekends, nights and even on holidays. As long as I work roughly 40 hours a week and meet my clients demands, there's no problem. This meant I also had some "free" time during the day in which I would normally be stuck in the office. It opened up possibilities, unexpectedly.

The weather was very nice lately, so I used my "office" time to get on my motorbike and take it for a ride. I would do grocery shopping or take a nap in the middle off the day. It did feel strange at first, but that's because I was so used to being in the office from Monday through Friday. I just needed to create a new rhythm.

This new rhythm is now starting to get shape and I feel that I'm creating a much better, healthier and (dare I say it) more efficient balance between work and live. It feels like I'm planning my work-hours around my live-hours instead of the other way around like it used to be. I did spent less hours doing my regular fitness exercises lately and my alcohol consumption went up slightly, so I still need to make some modifications.

I am afraid, though, that at some point I need to go back to work in the office again and I have to leave this fantastic new lifestyle. Those problems will be dealt with later :).

So, how are you doing in lockdown? Bored, busy, anxious, happy, relaxed???? Tell me all about it by leaving a comment below.

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