Mother Nature strikes back

Nature strikes back

Writing can be very difficult sometimes. Really!! I've been trying to write a new post for days now and I just can't seem to get an engaging story going on here. Granted, I'm not a writer, but an IT engineer, so having a "writers block" seems to be a very silly statement to make here. I'm trying to become financially free and I write about miscellaneous things I come across hoping to catch your interest. I've been struggling with writing a new post about Mother Nature supposedly getting back at us humans. In an earlier post I wrote about the overpopulation of our world. This would have been the key subject of this post as well. I personally think that all the natural disasters and diseases humans have had to face correlates directly to the amount people on earth. The greater the population of humans is, the bigger and more frequent the disasters. There's climate change, incurable diseases, hunger, inequality, pandemics and wars.

As humans we are collectively destroying our own planet. Simply because we always want more stuff and it also needs to come from all over the world. Because a t-shirt from Bangladesh is much cheaper than a similar t-shirt from The Netherlands. I have dozens more examples of how humans are destroying earth, but so do you, right? Everybody knows what we are doing wrong. In my perspective there's no easy way to make the change that would save us from this path of self destruction, since we all grew accustom to our current way of life. To me the only feasible option is to start living our lives in a more frugal and sustainable way (probably forced, which is doable), while at the same time try to reduce our numbers to a more acceptable level. And no, I do not know exactly what an acceptable level is. All I know is that there are too many of us here now and that we are damaging our planet much faster than it is able to heal itself.

I'm not an expert or a biologist, but I do know that nature has it's ways of keeping populations under control. When a certain population grows out of control a thing called "Natural population control" occurs. This can lead to death by starvation, starvation-induced infertility, competitive killing, disease and competitive cannibalism. However, us humans are far to intelligent to let nature dictate our fate, so we come up with solutions to prolong our lives even if nature thinks we should die.

I may be wrong about this, but I strongly feel that the sars-cov-19 pandemic is just another way of nature trying to control human population. To make sure life on earth is in balance and to stop humans from overpopulating and destroying this beautiful planet. Remember, this planet is our home. We have nowhere else to go once we wreck it.

There you have it. With sars-cov-19 Mother Nature is striking back at us humans. We are attacking her, so she's fighting back. That was the message I intended for this post. I just didn't have the writing skills to turn it into a more compelling story.

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