I've been meaning to write a new article for ages now, but it just didn't happen. Often, I was busy, lazy or just didn't know what to write about. An article has to be a meaningful so that even people who don't know me like to read it. This article is going to somewhat of a 'potpourri', a blend of different issues that have kept me busy lately. Of course, I'm also going to talk about finance for a bit, because that's basically the whole reason I started this blog. I hope you like it. Leave a comment if you feel like it.

It's all about the rhythm

It's often difficult to write an article. Especially when I want it to be engaging and fun to read, but like most people I'm also stuck in the house because of the pandemic and since nothing much is happening it becomes challenging to find an interesting subject to write about. One off the main things I've noticed about being in an "intelligent lockdown" is that I lost my sense of rhythm. I still work, but instead of going to the office I work from home and I no longer work 9 to 5.

Fun, educational and informative

Like many other people I also really like Youtube. Almost every day I spend at least some time watching all kinds of video's. Music video's, food- and travel vlogs, DIY instructions, places I want (or going) to visit, and reviews on products I'd like to buy. And even though there seems to be a lot of advertising going on lately I still like it. I really don't like the interrupting commercials before or even during the video's, but since Youtube is a 'free' service, I just deal with it. I even subscribed to a few channels, because I found myself going back there on a regular basis.


Population critical

Before I start writing this article I need you to understand that this article is all based on my current personal opinion. It is not my intention to offend, hurt or blame anyone. It is just my opinion, how I see things. Please don't be offended and if you feel the need to respond and ventilate your own views, then please leave a decent comment. So, what's this hot topic I want to write about? It's about us, human beings, destroying the planet.


Shamrock Country

I've been meaning to write another article sooner, but since I had a short vacation planned I decided to wait a little longer and write this article after my trip and make it all about my trip. You may have already guessed from the title of this article that I've been to green and rugged Ireland! The home of spuds, Guiness and leprechauns.


Happy new year!

A happy new year to all my readers! I don't have many readers just yet, but that's OK. I wish all my readers (and future readers) all the best for the next coming year. I also wish you all the best for the years after that, but I will remind you about that next year.