Mission Accomplished


Looking at the dates of my previous posts it's pretty obvious that I haven't been writing for a long time. It's not that nothing much has happened (as a matter of fact, loads of stuff happened), I just didn't know if it would be interesting enough for this blog. After all, this blog is about me becoming financially independent and not about my daily life. Also, I realize that blogging is not as hip and trendy as it used to be and not many people can find or like this blog. That makes writing articles on a regular basis seem less important.

These last few years I have been doing some traveling and I started an orthodontic treatment, which just recently ended with a nice result. I spend a lot of time in Thailand and I also visited Taiwan and Ireland. Also, spending more time relaxing and having fun with friends.

During the pandemic my busy work-life cooled down, because I had to work from home and I no longer needed to go to the loud fluorescent light 'house of horror' (=office). Which was nice, because I really don't like sitting in the office all day five days a week. That is just exhausting for me, causing my social life to suffer. Now, I still work from home and once a week I need to go to the office, which is doable. This slower pace in life gave me a lot of peace-of-mind and I started feeling much more relaxed. 

Another thing is that during the pandemic I reconnected with some friends from the past and in the process I also met a lot of other nice people too. So, my work-life finally gave way for my social life. I always knew I needed to to that, but I didn't know how and now it kind of happened by itself. For me Covid was a blessing.

But the most important thing that happened is that I'm finally financially independent. Yes, you're reading this right, I'm financially independent. Although, I can't really proof it, because It's too difficult to calculate this exactly. My spending is all over the place. Sometimes I spend a lot (e.g. on traveling) and other times I hardly spend anything in a few months. That makes it impossible for me to calculate all my real expenses in a month, but I'm pretty confident that my current bills can all be covered by my passive income (and then some!).  And when my last day at work comes, I will probably adjust my spending to this new situation. 

Currently, I'm still working. I don't need to, but I like to.  It's a fairly nice job. It's nearly stress-free and I work in a nice small team. It's far from perfect, but that's part of the fun. And I can't lie ... it's also really nice to let my nest-egg grow even bigger. Giving me a bit more cushion later on.

When I eventually leave my last client, I can focus on what I'm going to do next. There's going to be a large, scary empty void when that happens and I hope I'll find something else to do, because doing nothing all day will make me go crazy. I've had some ideas in the past on what I could do when I become financially independent, but as time goes by these ideas seem less interesting or even redundant. So, I can really only come up with something new to do when I need to. I simply cannot plan this in advance. 

Something funny I recently noticed lately is that I don't get as much ridiculed by people anymore when I talk about my financial independence journey. That's probably because I've just proven that it can be done. Many people seem to be interested in my story/journey and even ask me for advice. My advice usually differs, because financial independence comes in many different shapes and forms. Different people have different needs and wants and live in different circumstances. I'm always glad to help some out with some advice. Maybe I should do something with that later?

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