For all you Dutch and Belgians out there who want to invest in stocks, bonds or index funds I would recommend DeGiro. This award winning company gives you the opportunity to invest your money for a very low fee. I would suggest buying Vanguard ETF's. Note: Some Vanguard ETF's are visible in the list, but you can't buy them because it doesn't offer a Dutch documentation. DeGiro has a comprehensive web interface and also offers a smartphone app.


When you decide to put money in a deposito account (time deposit account) you may notice that interest rates differ from country to country. When you're a EU citizen it is easy to open savings accounts in other EU countries other than your own. Savedo mediates in deposito accounts for banks within the EU. The platform offers Dutch, German and Austrian investors the opportunity to deposit their savings safely, and at attractive interest rates, across the European Union.


Brand New Day is a Dutch, young and ambitious online retirementbank. It offers both savings and investment accounts with a variety off options. The key word they're using is 'wealth accumulation'. For now or later. So, you can invest money for the near future or for your retirement later by using their 'passive' investment services. They offer good service and low rates. I included the Dutch text below for more clarity, since this bank is mainly for Dutch (and possibly Belgian) investors.

Brand New Day, die jonge en ambitieuze online pensioenbank, waar je naast sparen en/of beleggen voor je pensioen ook vrij kunt sparen en beleggen. Wij doen aan vermogensopbouw voor nu of voor later, middels passief indexbeleggen. Verder doen we vooral niet moeilijk. Gewoon goede service en héle lage kosten.