Side hustle or not to side hustle?

Side hustle

I've got my basic plan in place already. Make money, invest, quit my job. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, but you get the idea. But what to do when I reach this glorious day of being able to quit my current job? I do have a lot of idea's, but no global plan. That means that there will be an enormous void after I no longer need to go to work. That's pretty scary, I can tell you.

In an earlier post I talked about setting up a side hustle. For me that's a way to make some extra (easy) money and I can expand my side hustle into an actual business after I quit my current job. However, I haven't yet been able to make it happen and there's a really good reason for that. Time. I simply do not have the time for a side hustle. It takes time and effort to start a side hustle and then you need to invest time in executing it. I work 40(-ish) hours a week and I really need my 'downtime' to recharge my batteries. That leaves me very little time to spend on a side hustle. Btw, this is one of the main reasons I want to quit my current job. Between working and recharging myself, there's very little time to actually enjoy life on a daily basis.

My current plan is to quit my job when I'm 45 years old or perhaps a bit sooner or later. By then my net worth may or may not yet be enough to live the life I want. It will be a close finish. That's why I'm very keen on creating a side hustle now, which I can later easily turn into a larger business. Unfortunately, I don't have the time, yet.

Honestly, I really don't need a side hustle at this moment. My current job as a self employed Linux Engineer generates a really good income and spending my (little) precious free time to make an extra €50 just isn't worth it. A side hustle would simply give me a running start the moment I quit my current job.

So, for the time being I will not focus on side hustles. I do have a list of possible side hustles which I keep up to date as much as possible. The moment more time becomes available to me I can use this list to start a new business. A business with no fixed hours and which is location independent so I can work when I want, where I want.

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