Happy new year!


A happy new year to all my readers! I don't have many readers just yet, but that's OK. I wish all my readers (and future readers) all the best for the next coming year. I also wish you all the best for the years after that, but I will remind you about that next year.

It has been quite an interesting year for me. I did some nice traveling, I started working for another client and the stock markets did quite well. Only to drop massively again just before Christmas. In my previous article 'My first mental test' I already wrote about the falling stock markets and how this was going to be my first big test since I started investing about 5,5 years ago.

I had no idea that the US, European and Asian markets would crash this badly. Some experts say that this crash is about as bad as the financial crisis in 2008. I can't really tell you my opinion on this, simply because I'm not a financial expert. Also, the course of the stock market is really difficult (if no impossible) to predict. So, I just need to stick to the plan which I learned from reading several blogs and these books. Don't sell, stocks are in sale now. Buy more if you can. And I can :), because I still have a comfortable income. Being in the FI game is more about numbers and a good strategy rather than emotions and greed.

It is, however, quite unpleasant to go through a market crash like this and see your nest eggs lose much of it's value. But it will be OK, someday.


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